3 Tips for Avoiding Personal Injury Compensation Claims from Slips and Falls

Slips, trips and falls are one of the most prevalent reasons behind workplace injuries. The Health and Safety Executive reports that it is responsible for 40 percent of all major workplace injuries that have been reported. Not only are these injuries common in the workplace but also at public places, such as, supermarkets or commercial properties. As an employer, this statistics should be quite sobering because it means that you are not immune from slip and fall claims, which often come after someone has incurred a slip and fall injury in your premises.

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To avoid the headaches associated with huge slip and fall compensation amounts, it is important to take precautions to avoid the occurrence of slip, trips and falls. Here are measures you can take in this regard:

• Proper housekeeping to reduce slip and fall cases

Whether a shopping mall, school or office, you should institute good housekeeping practices to ensure that there exists no conditions that increase the risk of slip and fall cases occurring. Any liquid spills should be cleaned instantly as well as removal of debris lying on the floor. Avoiding an encounter with a slip and fall lawyer also comes down to improving the ventilation of walkways as well as working areas. This would entail repairing faulty switches as well as replacing used bulbs. Any obstacles in the walkway, such as, loose cables or rugs that are sticking out should be removed or repaired to prevent people from tripping.

• Modify your flooring

Preventing slip and trip claims from employees or clients may also involve improving your walking surfaces to make it easier for people to walk on them without slipping or falling. You could recoat or replace the floor as well as install new mats. Equally effective are paint-on coating, metallic synthetic decking or abrasive strips that are proven to reduce slip and fall cases. You could also invest in non-slippery flooring elements, which avoid foot fatigues and help prevent slips.

• Wear correct footwear to avoid slip and fall cases

Encourage your employees to wear anti-slip footwear that keep their feet comfortable and grips sufficiently on the floor to prevent slip and fall cases. You can liaise with a footwear manufacturer who will be able to offer advice on the kinds of shoes that can reduce people’s susceptibility to slips, trips and falls.

Demystifying Public Liability Claims

The Personal Injuries Proceedings Act of 2002 defines accidents, such as, slip and fall, poisoning, plane and boat accidents, faulty products, sporting incidents as well as private property accidents as worthy of public liability claims. The assistance of a compensation personal injury lawyer is essentially vital in case the injuries incurred from these accidents are permanent or on-going.
We define ourselves as no win no fee lawyers who value their clients so much that we would be willing to reduce our legal fees in case they are not satisfied. Our approach to your case would be to evaluate the claim first to project its outcome. We will then inform you whether your mooted public liability claim stands a chance or not after which you choose which path to follow – legally. Throughout your efforts to get injury compensation, our injury claim solicitors will remain objective by updating you on any pros and cons of each legal choice you make.

Factors affecting public liability claims

Our personal injury claim lawyers look at a variety of factors involved in your accident to determine whether it would be more convenient if you pursued the claim by yourself – without the legal backing of a personal injury claims lawyer. One of the issues looked at is whether the injury is on-going or permanent. If the situation is on the contrary, it would be best if you just liaise with your accident insurance company, which should be able to reimburse you the compensation claim for the injury.
Our evaluation also looks at the economic costs of your incapacitation as well as any out-of-pocket expenses incurred as a result of the injury. If the injury is ongoing, our public liability claims lawyers will inquire whether you will incur extra costs in undergoing treatment. Of equal importance is the effect of the injury on the rest of your working life and whether you will be able to continue in the same occupation.
Although often overlooked, it is important to make an audio or visual recording of an accident encountered at a public place. You can also snap close-up pictures and write down the sequence of events while still fresh in your memory. The next step is to see a doctor to investigate, diagnose and record the injury. His input will be vital when pushing the case for a public liability claim.