Comcare Claims

Have you suffered a workplace injury?

Each Australian State and Territory operates  a different scheme for workers compensation for workplace injury. Compensation law is complex and you need a lawyer who specialises in this area to ensure that you receive your maximum entitlement.

Comcare Scheme is an integrated safety, rehabilitation and compensation system for Commonwealth employees, Government agencies, the ACT Government or by certain licensed corporations who have been granted a licence to self insure including NAB, CBA, Australia Post, Telstra, Asciano, Australian Air Express, Avanteos, BIS, Border Express, Chubb Security Services, Colonial, CSL, Fleetmaster Services, John Holland, K & S Freighters, Linfox, Optus, M;C, RBA, Thales Australia, TNT, Transpacific Industries, Visionstream.
If injured in the course of employment, eligible employees can claim compensation under the Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1988. Compensation can be paid for injuries that occur in any of the following circumstances:

• Whilst at work
• Whilst working or on work related business like playing sport for work
• Whilst travelling for work or work-related business

Compensation is also available for an illness if your employment caused or contributed to or aggravated the illness.

Examples of the types of injuries which you may be compensated for:

• Physical injuries
• Disfigurement and skin disorders
• Loss of vision
• Hearing loss
• Digestive system disorders
• Musculoskeletal injuries
• Reproductive organs injuries
• Psychiatric conditions
• Pre-existing conditions aggravated by work, eg asthma, heart attack, degenerative diseases, strokes, cancer

Potential entitlements in respect to workplace injury or disease include:
• Loss of income
• Medical treatment expenses
• Rehabilitation expenses
• Cost of travel to attend medical appointments
• Household and attendant care services
• Aids, appliance and modifications
• Lump sum compensation for permanent disability and non-economic loss
• Lump sum payment for pain and suffering

Comcare scheme is complex so legal advice in respect to injury claims is highly recommended at an early stage. We understand the complexities involved in making a claim. Comcare Claims Lawyers have experience staff that will be able to assist you in ensuring that your claim is carried out correctly in order to achieve maximum entitlements. Call our experts today for free initial consultation.