Filing a Comcare claim, you may think, should be very easy. The website sets out information about lodging a claim, how its assessed, medical treatment, benefits and entitlements, using eCPM the online claims policy manual, rehabilitation and all of a sudden it doesn’t sound so easy anymore.

If you are injured at work , by the very definition, you are not at your strongest and most resilient point in your life. It well may be that this is the first time in your life that you have needed to reach out for an advocate, for a lawyer, to represent you, deal with the bureaucracy and buffer you from the legal arguments of your employer in their efforts to minimize your comcare claim.

If you are undecided on whether or not you need to secure the services of an experienced compensation lawyer to process your comcare claim, ask yourself if you knew about the following requirements mentioned on the comcare site, and if you are equipped to navigate the law by yourself.

  • If you need urgent medical treatment, before it is approved Comcare requires that there is enough medical information on your file to relate the treatment to your injury. Do you feel confident in knowing what Comcare means by “enough medical information”.?
  • If you take legal action against your employer and do not inform Comcare of this action within seven days of starting this action, penalties apply.
  • Penalties also apply if you do not notify Comcare of any damages payments that you receive within 28 days.
  • Do you understand how to request a copy of your claim under section 59?
  • Do you know how to prevent any breaches of the Privacy Act 1988, by providing Comcare with appropriate documentation?
  • Did you know that if you leave the country without letting Comcare know that penalties apply?

These are just some examples of the knowledge that you need to have in order to effectively and safely secure a comcare claim. You compensation lawyer is a specialist in this area and will be able to navigate this maze of bureaucracy, legislation and stressful negotiations with your employer.