Medical Compensation Lawyers

Medical Compensation

Medical compensation is a claim for damages for injury caused by the negligence of a health care provider (such as a doctor, hospitals and other health professionals. The area of medical negligence law in Australia is complex, that’s why it is important that you receive advice from experienced medical negligence lawyer to ensure you receive correct information regarding your compensation claim.

Our medical compensation lawyers are specialists who deal with medical compensation claims using a no win no fee arrangement. Our lawyers are dedicated to helping victims of medical negligence seek the medical compensation they deserve. Our lawyers have obtained significant settlements on behalf of clients and we have the resources to help you.

As soon as you suspect that medical negligence has occurred, you should contact a lawyer. Our medical compensation lawyers have extensive knowledge and experience in handling claims involving:
• Errors or incomplete diagnosis
• Failure to warn about the danger or surgery/ medical procedures
• Medication errors
• Failure or delay by GP in referral or consultation
• Equipment malfunction
• Failure to diagnose or perform
• Failure to recognize a complication of treatment
• Failure to instruct or communicate with the patient
• Premature discharge of a patient
• Incorrectly undertaken procedure or surgery

Medical Compensation Entitlements

Medical compensation entitlements vary from State to State and all jurisdictions have different thresholds or minimum severity of injury according to harm and loss suffered particularly direct compensation for pain and suffering. Entitlements to medical negligence compensation may include the following:
• Past and future loss of wages
• Past medical treatment expenses
• Future medical expenses
• Personal, domestic or nursing assistance provided by agencies
• Rehabilitation Expenses
• Housing Modifications and Equipment Aids
• Pharmaceutical Expenses
• Gratuitous Domestic Assistance, provided without charge by family or friends
• General damages for pain, suffering, emotional distress and loss of enjoyment of life
• Other miscellaneous expenses, relating to the incident and your injury

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