Can You Sue Teachers Who Fail To Educate Your Child Properly?

We live in a society that would outsource taking a crap if we could. There are those of us among the tribe who Airtasker out every nasty job they can. Can you sue teachers who fail to educate your child properly? I am sure there are quite a few parents out there who have tried or would like to. The real truth of the matter is that you, as parent, are responsible for educating your child. Education, like everything else, starts at home. Kids learn to learn from their parents and in the home, they grow up in. Is your household an inspiring and stimulating environment in which your children are encouraged to discover things? Do you provide a supportive ambience within your family to foster good learning?

Parents: You Are the Most Important Teachers Stupid

It is not all about forking over money for private schools and thinking your job is done. Educating your child is primarily your responsibility, it is not about complaining and blaming others. Teachers are like most things, there are good and bad, but, generally, most teachers do their best. A bad teacher is not nearly as damaging as a neglectful parent to a child’s education and life. However, professional development for teachers is more important than ever.

Teachers Traditionally & Systematically Undervalued in Our Society

Most teachers start out full of passionate idealism and it is the bureaucracy of schools and education departments that beat them down into indifferent performers. Good teaching is one of the most valuable resources that a community can possess. How much do we in Australia value our teachers, say compared to a salesperson or lawyer? It is like renting vs home ownership in our culture and economy. The former is a poor relation in our society.

It is akin to finding your way among the SEO for lawyers in Sydney , very light on the ground and largely misunderstood by those paying the bills. Teachers are teaching kids in an unappreciated vacuum. Our Australian culture still values money over knowledge. The conservative side of politics and our community regularly attack the highly educated sectors of our society. Climate change deniers point the finger at egghead scientists. Making money today is considered much more important than properly planning for the future. Success is adjudged by short term material prosperity, without any real lens into what is coming. Coal mining jobs for poorly educated workers in regional areas are rated more highly than making smart changes via renewable energy policies for the 21C.