Slip and Fall Compensation Lawyers Win Sydney Shopping Injury

A Sydney mum has won $285,000 in damages after a Sydney shopping injury. The mother of three has suffered soft tissue injuries when a shopping trolley carrying her toddler and groceries hit a pothole and fell on top of her.

A report from the Sydney Morning Herald said that the mum, also a high school teacher was injured while walking back to her car at the Northbridge Plaza on Sydney’s north shore in June 2011. She suffered enduring pain in her neck, back, left shoulder, left hip, leg and knee when the trolley suddenly jerked when it hit a pothole and fell on top of her as she tried to shield her young daughter and her three-year-old son who were both walking beside her.

Although the x-rays only showed damage to her knee, an ortheopaedic surgeon diagnosed her with soft tissue injuries, a term which refers to the damage of muscles, ligaments, tendons, fascia, nerves and other connective structures throughout the body which results in pain, swelling and bruising of the affected area. A soft tissue injury may sideline an individual from their normal life for a few days or even months at a time.

Because of her injuries, she was unable to work and continue with the house chores which she loved doing before the accident. She tended to be less social and less enthusiastic which was very different from what her personality used to be. Even her relationship with her husband has become strained. In addition, she became short-tempered with her children and has been very upset that she was unable to hold her daughter.

Since the car park was a public road, the judge found the city council to be responsible for the accident as it’s their duty to ensure that the public roads are safe for the people.

The judge ruled in favour of the victim and with the help and guidance of a slip and fall compensation lawyer, was awarded a total of $285,915 in damages after a long legal battle with the City Council who was found to be accountable for negligence.

The court also ordered the council to pay the mother of three the legal costs for the trial and the appeal.

Cricket Injury Compensation Claims To Rise

Sitting in the crowd watching a Sydney Sixers game this past summer, it was easy to marvel at the sublime hitting skills of Jordan Silk as he smashed six after six into the crowd.

But as a parent, I found myself being watchful like never before at the cricket.

What if we were distracted by an iPad, or iPhone, and one of those ever-more-frequently-hit sixes was heading straight for us?

In the past, sixes were rare. Now in 20/20 games both domestically and internationally, balls are flying into the crowd at dangerous speeds. Crowds where children and parents often lose focus on the game.

Some recent news items show this worrying trend for players and the public alike:

– a British club cricketer died after being hit in the chest by a cricket ball

– an Indian policeman was blinded after being hit by a David Miller six in the IPL

– an Israeli cricket umpire died after being struck by a ball

– and of course who can ever forget the heart-wrenching reality of much-loved Aussie & NSW cricketer Phil Hughes passing away after being hit by a bouncer?

It’s thus inevitable that we’ll be hearing lot more in the coming years about cricket injury compensation lawyers in Australia where cricket is its most macho, but also in other countries where cricket is massively popular such as South Africa, India, England, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and New Zealand.

In the past it was expected that when it came to sporting injuries to players, it was a case of “suck it up princess” but this viewpoint is certainly coming to an end. Life is precious and sacred and people don’t like being permanently injured or having a family member or friend killed in sport any more. We’re seeing deaths in rugby, server injuries in ever-more-frenzied AFL games and certainly in amateur sports, they’re often swept under the carpet. But this is changing.

If you’ve been severely injured by a cricket ball, you’d be aware of the risk. If you have a story of a cricketing injury you want to discuss with us, or add to this story, feel free to contact us with more details.