Workers Compensation QLD

Workers Compensation QLD

You will have seen from our other pages that there are similarities from state to state with regard to the workers compensation laws and workers compensation lawyers. Workers compensation in Queensland is no different.

In Queensland we are still bound by the compensation laws as administered by the Commonwealth Government Comcare as well as having our local government service provider. In Queensland, this is WorkCover Queensland. WorkCover Queensland provides workers with information with regard to the legal rights under the law and advice on how to go about lodging a comcare claim. They share personal accounts of Queenslanders who have incurred injury because of their workplace and discuss the comcare claims and compensations that they have sought.

Queensland differs however from other states, because of the diverse geography of the state and the variety of industries from tourism to mining that place workers at particular risk of injury.

Our workers compensation lawyers in Queensland are specialists in the workplace injuries that are unique to our wonderful state. They are unrelenting as lawyers in securing compensation for their clients under the law. While a number of our compensation lawyers are in Brisbane, they also provide service and support in their role as accident compensation lawyers to Queensland residents from Cape York to the Gold Coast. Our compensation lawyers are not only specialists, but also have well established networks of colleagues with experience in compensation for workplace injuries and comcare claims caused by asbestos, biological hazards, burns and scalds, confined spaces, cranes, demolition, electricity, falls, fire and explosion risks, hazardous chemicals and heat stress.

If you are looking for information about workplace injuries and workers compensation, while WorkCover Queensland and Comcare provide good information, we also recommend that you seek out further information about the Queensland workers’ compensation scheme, directly from the Queensland Government site. This is important as it covers what you can claim and provides you with clear instructions on how to proceed.

Acts and regulations, including case studies and fact sheets for workers compensation claims in Queensland can be found here. If you are seeking information about asbestos registers, they can be found here.

If you find the subject of compensation law too confusing to cope with alone, we recommend you securing the services of a reliable compensation lawyer.